Sat 17th Sep - Bet Zeit to Har Hazeitim

We meet at Motza (in the parking of the old, now closed, Black Steer), at 07.00 (start at 07.15). We will climb up to Har Herzl throught the Jerusalem forest and then continue via the old railway lines through Emek Rafaim . A short visit to Armon Hanatziv then continue around the Old City climbing to the Mount of Olives and then down through the valley of the Arazim and back to Motza. Some new trails and some not so new.

Ride: 35 kms; Technical: medium ;
Stamina: medium ; Estimated ride: 5-6 hrs

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The bike tours are a magical combination of biking and site seeing in the Holy Land. Israel is home to many important sites for the World's three major religions. Nazareth,the Sea of Galilee and of course the Old City of Jerusalem being several of the more important places to visit.

From the forested mountains in the North of Israel down to the Desert of the South, Israel is able to offer a wonderful biking experience for all levels and for different types of biking, XC, All mountain and of course downhill.


The Israel Magical Holy Land
9 day Bike Trip

Join the Magical Holy land 9 day Mountain Biking XC Trip all over Israel. All transport will be in fully airconditioned buses and accomodation will be in 3-4 star Hotels, and Kibbutz Guest Houses. Our guides have a wealth of knowledge about Israel and about mountain more

Mountain Biking Trips

We ride all over Israel and will be pleased to arrange a wonderful 1-9 day biking experience including, Hotels, transport, bike hire etc.....
We cater for groups and for individuals on a V.I.P basis........... read more

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