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12 Feb 2022
41 kms clockwise, 541 mtrs climbed.
12 פברואר 2022
41 ק"מ עם כיוון השעון , 541 מטר טיפוס.

The start, a good healthy warm-up climb. We gently slogging our way up and she of the e-bike pulsating her way out front. The path was a myriad of puddles and our job was to try and keep dry. Well we nearly did, but there were so many of them. Then down to the Hanassi bridge which I thought might be non-passable and indeed it was a bit dangerous to do so. Out came the back up plan and we continued until we met road 91 and that allowed us to bridge the Jordan river. What followed was a mud bath/path. Although the trail is distinctly marked as a 4x4, it was now a mud x mud. We walked muddied, we hauled muddied, we cursed some but pushed on until we met the gravel track again, which brought us to the Syrian Officers Pool, Ein El Alamein. We then rode back parallel to the Jordan river on the rockiest, wettest and muddied track down to the cars, passing the Meshushim Pool on the way.



22 Jan 22
39 kms anti clockwise, 830 mtrs climbed.
22 ינואר 22
39 ק"מ נגד כיוון השעון , 830 מטר טיפוס.

Apart from the cold Motza air, the day looked very promising. Blue skies and a dry ride. Some uphills some down. We rode up to Yad Vashem via Ein Karen, a long slog but good exercise. Nurit flowing with her turbo charged e-bike and Erez bringing up the rear. Then through urban Jerusalem to The Hass promenade for our break. Here a chance to fix Shimon's leaking valve. We ended up doing a 45 minutes operation on his wheel. We learnt two things. One - always carry a spare inner - which we do - but make sure its in good condition from year to year. The second is to service your tubeless tyres from time to time. Make sure there is Giffa (sealant, every 4 months or so) and clean the ventil at the same time.
After the break onto the Lions Gate, up the serpentine to Har Hazeitim and then to the lookout over Midbar Yehuda and finally downwards on the bike path all the way to Motza. - A good dry ride No mud.


8 Jan 22
34 kms clockwise, 700 mtrs climbed.
8 ינואר 22
34 ק"מ נגד כיוון השעון , 700 מטר טיפוס.

Parked outside Kibbutz Mesilot and rode to the beginning of the Carmilla climb. All the way up was dry and we arrived in Shoeva. Then under and over Highway 1 to the beginning of the Difenbaker route. This has now been smoothed out totally and brought us to Shar Haguy where we rode under Highway 1 to the Paz Mesilot Zion petrol station. From here we turned West towards Ein Hila on good dry paths, through Yar Eshtaol, passing many picnic places, and back to Kibbutz Mesilot Zion. a good day out, not too hard but great exercise.


17 Dec 21
30 kms clockwise, 550 mtrs climbed.
Dvira and single Joe Alon
יער דבירה וסינגל ג'ו אלון
18 דצמבר 21,
30 ק"מ עם כיוון השעון , 550 מטר טיפוס.

We looked for a ride that would avoid the rain, not be muddy and would allow us to just go out and have fun. According to the weather reports, South around Beer Sheva would fit the bill. So I came up with Dvir and added a part of the Joe Alon single. The first 1.5 kms were brutally muddy, the rest was clingy but rideable, so not a ride to do immediately after the rains. Apart from that we climbed, rode and singled (clockwise) our morning very nicely.

חיפשנו רכיבה ללא גשם, ללא בוץ ושתאפשר לנו פשוט לצאת וליהנות. לפי דיווחי מזג האוויר, דרומה, סביב באר שבע יתאים לתיאור. לכן החלטתי על אזור דבירה והוספתי חלק מהסינגל של ג'ו אלון. 1.5 הק"מ הראשונים היו בוציים בצורה אכזרית, ושאר המסלול היה קצת בוצי אבל רכיב, אז לא רכיבה לרכוב מיד אחרי גשם. חוץ מזה טיפסנו, רכבנו וסינגלנו (עם כיוון השעון) ונהנינו מאוד. 30 ק"מ (רכבנו עם כיוון השעון) ו-550 מטר טיפוס.

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