RIDE REPORT -by - Gabi L - Yar Kedoshim - 29 November

Yaar Kedoshim
In a morning which threatened to rain, we started our perfectly arranged ride, 13 male and 3 female riders, ascending the invigorating climbs and descending the amazing downhills of Yaar Kedoshim.

Biking through the familiar but still overwhelming views of the forest, seeing the flowering beginnings of many cyclamens and even one almond tree, then an energy refreshment break in Ein Limon and then to the awaited downhill. All of these, except perhaps for Max's "wedding bike" did not give us any clue as to the unbelievable surprise that awaited the group. A surprise that only revealed itself towards the end of the downhill coaster when suddenly Itzik appeared and using well known aviation signaling, pointed us in the direction of a remarkable well filled breakfast table.

Mazal Tov to Max, the "youngster", maturing towards an honorable new age group !!

Mazal Tov also to Dina on her birthday, and a big thanks to Nurit for organizing and taking care of everything.
RIDE REPORT -by - Itai (translated by Max)

Kziv 22 Nov
This is an accurate translation by Max (well..nearly).

04.30 Alarm wakes us up. Look outside and weather looks good. Check in the Israel Weather site and forcast is scattered showers. Prepare the bags and put bike on car. Wait for Itai to SMS me with the actual weather up North. (He stayed in Manot over the weekend with his family.).
04.45 SMS from Itai – "slight rain overnight now clear". Decide not to cancel.
05.30 collect our friends and start the drive.
07.00 arrive in Manot. Very dark ominous clouds cover the whole sky ceiling. Rain coming down in buckets.
07.05 Phone Itai and ask him how is the weather in Manot. His reply…"slight drops of rain". I look out of the car again and it is pouring down.
07.06 Arrive at Itai's "zimmer", meet the family and discuss the intrinsic meaning of "slight drops of rain". Meanwhile it is still coming down in buckets.
07.15 Coffee and cakes are produced from nowhere (thanks to Itai and Ahuva) and the deliberations begin.
07.25 Dennis arrives covered by a brolly (wearing a gorgeous pair of tights).
07.30 Moni and Ronit arrive. More coffee served and more deliberations.
07.40 Gabi and Itzik arrive. Within 2 minutes Itzik is sitting on his bike in the pouring rain and says…. NOooo??
07.45 – 08.30 deliberations, rain will stop, rain will not stop, rain might lessen, rain might not.
08.35 Final decision. No ride.
08.40 Gaby, Itzik, Moni and Ronit return to Mercaz.
We, the survivors get in the cars and take a drive along the scenic route to Mitzpe Hila and down to Ein Ziv. The rain is still pouring down but the view (not too much to see) is pretty awesome.
10.00 breakfast in Kfar Vradim. – very tasty.
11.00 start the return journey.

All in all a different sort of event. We did all that was planned except for one minor detail – riding!!!!
Ride report by Nurit – 15 Nov 08 – Haruvit Singles and Tel Zafit

Haruvit 15 Nov
14 spokes and I met this morning in the Harovit forest. Smiling we began the ride and after 2 minutes we already managed to loose Benny but fortunately within a couple of minutes we managed to meet up with the "man in red" again.
Keren Kayemet has prepared a 13 km long meandering circular single through the length of the forest including rocky steps, both uphill and downhill requiring a great amount of concentration and balance.
We rode from the North end to the South end of the forest and managed to come out at the end of this part of the ride all in one piece in the direction of Tel Tzafit. Here we could see the Tel stretching to the sky and knew this would be the climb that Max promises us on every ride.
Breathing and snorting our way up the hill we managed to ride, push and pull the bikes up to the midpoint of the ascent where we received many and varied descriptions of the place.
Suddenly we looked to the summit and saw that Gidi (ever so quietly) had reached the top of the Tel and left us no possibility of not doing the same. Well after a short break, we climbed aboard our waiting steeds and rode to that "high in the sky" summit.
The View from the top is truly amazing and offers a 360 degree panorama of the whole area. Having had a break for energy building nourishment (but without the coffee as promised by Itai…), we then did a great downhill back to the bottom of the Tel and returned to the middle of the single.
Here a leg down, there a bang on a rock, a little fall here, a scratch there and wooooooosh, all the air came out of Shimon's newly built super bike's shock. We continued on the single and the end was a great freewheel down to the cars.
The forest was great, the fresh newly rained smells added more, and the newly minted flowers were a great sight to see.
Thanks to Itai for the idea, thanks to Max for his humoured leadership and thanks to all for another great ride.
We need to know by Tuesday evening latest who will be on the Nahal Kziv ride.
Ride report - by Dennis - 4 November - Moshavim and Moshavot by moonlight

Starting from Hod Hasharon, the meandering route took us along the eastern edge of Kfar Sava, north-west to Tsofit and Sde Warburg, west through Batzra and Bnei Tsiyon, south parallel to the coastal highway, crossing it twice at Shefaim (under) and Rishpon (over), with an easterly return via Raanana and Kfar Malal.
The weather was perfect for cycling, a crescent moon low in the western sky cast its orange glow, and the minimal or absent street lighting over much of the route offered tranquil views of distant points of light on a dark landscape. And the dogs were out barking and challenging, as is their custom.
An energizing ride over 37 km in just two hours for the lucky six who dragged themselves away from the joys of (U.S.) election-night television.