RIDE REPORT -by - Max - 25 October - The 3 Streams Challenge

TA 3 streams
Rubbish !!!.... and that's what we visited.
We met in the new SPOKES meeting place (our part was closed off for some event). 15 riders came of which 4 were SPOKES newcomers.
We started off at a fast pace which unfortunately was too fast for some and very quickly we separated from Mina and Yakov and friends, who decided to ride at a more sedate pace, and we continued east towards Einat.
Dennis led us on paths which we had ridden on before and on paths which were new to all of us. We rode along the railway tracks, over bridges and other obstacles and we went past plenty of rubbish heaps on the way.

By the way did I tell you about Martin's forth puncture ??

Well this time it was not really a puncture, just a matter of adding some air, so we pumped and then continued. On the way to Antipatrus we met Itai, Gaby and Mr. X who were not riding with us because they had not received a long enough "pass" for this ride. Shame….
Not much later we said fond farewells to Martin and Michelle and can't wait for Michelle to get back to a good fitness level. (Go find some good hills and practice.).
From here we continued south and rode all along the railway down to Moshav Bnei Atarot, a German Templar village now going through a big expansion program. Then we rode West adjacent to the airport perimeter (not too many planes on Shabbat), along the South edge of Or Yehuda and then along Nahal Ayalon. For those who don't know, this area is going through an extensive cleanup and is now part of the Ayalon Park (and Park Darom).
We arrived at the Hiryia and by a vote of the 2 women and Dov it was decided by majority Not to climb up the rubbish hill. I actually still don't understand a minority vote of 3 to 6 becoming the majority…….but still, next time……
At some stage we found a great steep descent and we stood on top debating if to ride down, slide down or just wait for Autumn. Well Nurit took the first decision and slid / walked down, then Max rode down followed by half of the group. Good fun….. Then we found a set of lounge furniture, kindly donated by the environmentally conscious Hiryia , made out of recycled Rubbish……………..and here Dennis had chosen to allow us our break. OK so sandwiches devoured we sped off West along the banks of the Ayalon, where we passed several points of beauty. Here you can see the birds and ducks coming back into residence in the area. (property prices really are dropping). Then along through Shikun HaTikva and on to Yaffo and to the Tel Aviv Tyelet.
Some of us stopped for coffee along the way , some carried on and soon we were back at the cars eating D.T.'s cake…………again. Well done D.T.
A big thank you to Dennis who checked out the route for us and a great, well paced ride of 57 km's tucked under our belts, we sped off for home and a well deserved shloof.
RIDE REPORT -by - Max - 22 October - Night ride

Night Ride 22 Oct
Well Succot is finished and it was our turn to ride the hacafot. We missed Sunset but no one complained. We missed Twilight too but again no one complained. So anyway we met in our new SPOKES meeting place, (the parking lot of the Athletics Stadium – rechov Sheetrit), a bit confusing for some but still we managed to meet with 14 shpitzim and at just after 18.30 we rode towards the Max Brenner Emporium.
The ride along the Yarkon was good and fast and we tried avoiding asphalt as much as we could.

By the way did I tell you about Martin's first puncture?

Well actually it was on Michelle's bike. Funny thing is that Martin brings out the spare and it was half the size of a normal inner. Talk about saving…….
Anyway he found another inner and tyre repaired we set off .
Now where were we? Oh yes, we reached Max Brenner and having been told that the Tel Aviv Tyelet was packed we decided to ride North to the Herzlia marina.

By the way did I tell you about Martin's second puncture?

This time we were fast pedaling along the Yarkon and again had to stop when cries of punccccccccccture were heard…This time Martin pulled out the correct sized spare inner and puncture fixed we did actually get to max Brenner.
From here it was 25th gear riding North to Cafenetto outside the Arena Mall where we sat waiting for our order for quite some time. Anyway with good company time always passes fast and soon we were ready to start our way back.
Dov lead us via Afeka and very soon (too soon), we were back at the cars.

By the way did I tell you about Martin's third puncture?

On the way back to the cars, another cry from the darkness, puncturrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre !!!!!! BUT this time a surprise
Martin took his bike and began to run (back to the car ??). Well after a Kilometer or so, we managed to stop him and.................... This time no more spares left, not even wrong sized ones. Well with a little help from Nurit's spare, we fixed Martin's puncture and then really, back to the cars.
All in all a nice evening's outing.
Two news items. The first is, congratulations to Nathan's daughter and future husband and all the family on their engagement. Mazal Tov.
The second is, Good Luck to Merrill on her eye operation this week.
RIDE REPORT - by Dov - 18th October - HaKashish from Bet keshet

HaKashish from Bet Keshet
This time the Shpitzim (SPOKES) traveled far from Home to the Bet Keshet forest where Keren Kayemet has laid trails for cars, walkers and bikers and prepared parking and picnic areas and look out points all over the forest.
Of course, the Shpitzim, led by Nurit and Max had to check that every look out and parking/picnic area was firmly in place.
We arrived at 07.30 at Ilania (Sedgera) off highway 65 near the Golani junction. We began the ride with , OF COURSE, a climb to the Bet Keshet forest.

We arrived at the Bet Yaaran look out point, built in 1946 at the beginning of the forestry in the area. According to knowledgeable sources, the building was erected to house the tools and the plants in use by the foresters and was used as a resting place by them. For their hard labor they were allowed to build a settlement which was named The Keren Kayemet House. Other sources confirmed that the building was used for purposes which due to censorship, cannot be divulged here.

We continued climbing to Tel Govel which sat between the tribes of Isaschar and Naftali. From the picnic area of HaAlon HaKashish, to the top of the Tel there is a path/single and the top of the Tel allows a great vista of Har Tavor, Givat HaMoreh and various settlements of the lower Galil.
From here another…CLIMB…. To Har Dvorah to the Emek Yizrael look out point overlooking Shibli, Dabouriah and Ein Mahal. This was the highest point in the Ride …437 meter above sea level.

From Har Dvorah a fast descent (at long last) to Kfar Dabouriah, to the smell of dirt and rubbish and then onto the long and hard climb back into the Bet Keshet forest and back towards the beginning point of the ride.

It was a hot day and we enjoyed many breaks ,thanks to Moni's tubeless tyre, constantly loosing air (damaged in the last ride) but we all enjoyed the challenging ride with amazingly green views.
We rode 33 kms (depending on who you ask), and climbed over 500 meters between 200 to 437 meters above sea level.
See you next ride.

Max added: Thanks to D.T. for the great "survivors" cake
RIDE REPORT -by Nurit - 11th October - Matan, Oranit and Migdal Tzedek.

Matan Oranit 11 Oct
Matan Oranit - The first SPOKES ride

In an Autumn morning, 10 spokes gathered at 06.30 in Elishema. Adjustments made and off we happily went through the fields towards Matan and the morning fresh air opening our lungs reminding us what we were doing on our bikes at such an early hour in the morning. The first uphill to Matan increased our heart beats and the adrenaline began to flow on the downhill to Horshim, the bikers playground.
A break to gain energy and we were ready for the uphill climb to Oranit. Each one with his own way of dealing with the climbs and in the end we all got to the top, breathing hard but smiling.
As in the way of things, where there's an uphill there's a downhill and this time towards Kfar Kasem in the general direction of Rosh HaAyin and Migdal Tzedek which could be seen in all its glory on the top of the hill.
From here the bikes wheeled down to a mythological breakfast at Einat.
Our stomachs filled, we got back onto our bikes and pedalled along the Yarkon which we crossed twice and soon arrived at the end of the trail.
10 spokes went out and 10 spokes returned and another great bike ride entered the memory banks of all.
Thanks go to Max who lead us and thanks to you , the riders. It was a great morning.