RIDE REPORT -by - Max - 14th February - Ben Shemen

Ben Shemen
Wherever we looked we saw colours. Amazing colours. Greens of all shades, reds, pinks and purples. And these were only the riders.
Seriously though, the flowering in this area is truly worth seeing.
We rode the well ridden singles of Ben Shemen, 10 riders and 3 of the better shaped ones. Hylton set the pace as he had be washed and ironed by 13.00 sharp, so it was Yalla this and Yalla that (said in his posh Rhodesian accent).
Actually the ride was very fluid and of course no uphills to worry about. Well perhaps one or two.
Mazal Tov to Itai on his super Giant steed. Now perhaps he'll start riding !!! and again thanks for the early morning brew.
It was nice to see David and Ingride with us and maybe David has found North again, after loosing it in Hadera.
As for Merrill who can't climb hills........ we still haven't found one hard enough for her !!!
All in all a great ride in a great area with a great bunch of people. Makes getting up on Saturday mornings a worthwhile occupation.