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Tusheti, Republic of Georgia


Ride a bike through Tusheti, Georgia – the last frontier on the edge of Europe.
Get off the beaten path – cycle through the remote medieval shepherd villages.
Admire the stunning mountain views of untouched Caucasus.
Enjoy the renowned hospitality of Georgian people.
Savour on Georgian world-class wines and delicious cuisine.

A land far, far away
Tusheti, Georgia is actually not far away from Europe, yet it is another world. You are only able to go for a cycling tour there between the months of June and Sept. The rest of the year it is cut from the civilization as the mountain passes become impassable due to the weather conditions. There are neither shops nor any restaurants in Tusheti. Your only options are little charming home stays. There is neither asphalted road nor any permanent electricity. It is Europe and it is 21st century!

Untouched mountains and medieval shepherd villages
The most pristine mountain scenery is hidden right here in Thusheti. It is Alps 100 years ago – one of the best destinations for adventurous biker. The nature in the Caucasus Mountains is breathtakingly awesome, with picturesque mountains, alpine meadows and well-preserved pine forests. We will bike and explore local shepherd villages and their ancient architecture. The most prominent examples of this architecture being Keselo towers - medieval fortresses that were to protect the villagers against various Caucasian tribes.

Georgian Hospitality
People travelling to this part of Georgia receive a warning – the hospitality here can sometimes be overwhelming! It is very difficult to refuse joining the Georgians in their parties. Every meal is a feast washed down with lots of wine and Chacha – Georgian equivalent to grappa. All mountain bikers are welcome to join. There are numerous reasons for ad-hoc parties or celebrations, which you will definitely encounter on our bike tour. Georgians need little excuse for having a party: repairing a tractor, landslide on the road, rainy weather and a visiting tourist is definitely a clincher…

Gourmet in the Caucasus Mountains
It’s amazing how so delicious food can be prepared in such limited conditions! There definitely is everything necessary for cooking– fresh ingredients, the fireplace and the chef. During this cycling tour in Georgia you’ll have hands-on opportunity to prepare home-made Georgian mountain delicacies, as the accommodation in Tusheti is organised at home stays.

Wine and wineries
The “westernised” Georgian wine has made its way to the western markets. We will be visiting the Georgian most renowned wine growing region of Kakheti and some of its wineries. Wine tasting is not compulsory but difficult to resist... However, real and traditional Georgian wine can not be found in your home country. How does it taste? Well – “different” is perhaps the right word to describe it. You will have plenty of opportunity for appraisal as home-made wine and cha-cha are always “on the house” at home stays.

Comfort level
Thusheti is remote. There are no luxury hotels in the area and we will be staying in home stays. The accommodation is basic but clean. Do not expect en-suite bathrooms! Each home stay has a bit different facilities and is unique in its own way. Typically the home stays have shared showers or bathrooms (read: a tin can with holes on the ceiling), dry toilets (sometimes western-style toilets). But the ambience more than compensates the simple conditions. You will have private panoramas of the mountains and you can enjoy real home-made gourmet prepared especially for you. In Tbilisi we will stay in tourist-class hotels which have all the modern facilities – en-suite bathrooms, air-conditioners, restaurant, etc.

Fitness level
If you are healthy and practice an active life-style, you are welcome to this bike tour in Georgia! Previous experience in mountain biking is not required, although it is advisable. We will be typically riding 30-60 km a day, depending on the terrain. This means 6-8 hours riding per day including lunch-, drinking and power-bar stops and heaps of sightseeing pauses to take photos. A support vehicle will be following us most of the tour. There will be some steep up-hills which we will take with the aid of our support car. Of course, there are no restrictions for you to do it on bike! You won’t have to carry your luggage (except for the day-pack) and major spare parts with you. In case anything happens, there is always a place for you in the car. We typically split the group into a couple of smaller groups depending on the riding skills of the cyclists.

Tusheti, Republic of Georgia

Bike in Tusheti, Georgia--the remotest place in Europe both geographically and culturally.

Destination: Republic of Georgia
Dates: 19th-27th August 2011
Price: 950

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